Hi! I am currently working as an EFL teacher in London. What’s an EFL teacher? An EFL teacher is basically a teacher who teaches English to foreign learners, usually adults. I shall delve deeper into the role of my job another time.

I was born in the UK but I was raised in Cyprus (an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea if you don’t know where that is). Most if not all of my family is from Cyprus….I’m one of the exceptions being born in London. I am one of those lucky people who get to be bilingual from a young age since I can speak both English and Greek-Cypriot fluently.

So, why am I writing this? Well, I always enjoyed writing and I always wanted to write a book. However, I never got around doing either of these things due to laziness or doubtfulness and overthinking. So finally I’m here because a friend nudged me; or better yet inspired me to do something I have wanted to do for a while now.

I want to write because I feel like countless other people. I have too many thoughts in my head that have to be written down otherwise I think I’ll go insane. I’d love any comments and criticisms about any of my future blogs.

Thanks for reading


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